Durham City: The 1851 Census is a paperback book of 250 pages, which include 177 pages giving details of the inhabitants of the city present on census night in 1851; it also has an introduction with background information on the census, a map and indexes of the personal names and streets in the city.


At each address the names of those present on that Sunday in March 1851 are given, with his or her age, trade or occupation, marital status, relationship with other people present in the household, and birthplace. To provide more information on many of the people listed, additional details have been incorporated from contemporary editions of the locally-published Durham Directory.


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Durham City: The 1851 Census

By David Butler


ISBN 0-9519088-0-4


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Durham City: The 1851 Census (1992)

[ISBN 0-9519088-0-4]

On census night in 1851 (Sunday 30th March) 13188 people were recorded as living in Durham City in conditions which ranged from great luxury to deep poverty - the household at 10 New Elvet received the attention of 10 servants, whereas 51 people in 11 families were crowded into 22 Market Place. The ages of the residents of the city ranged from 2 days to 98 years, and they had birthplaces in many parts of the world from Bombay to Quebec, and most counties of the British Isles. They worked at over 650 different trades or occupations which spanned the alphabet from an accordion player to a zincworker.

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